Interpretation of Inclusive

When I hear the word inclusive, the first thing that I think of is ‘all inclusive’ hotel deals, spa packages,  breakfast, etc. My first interpretation of ‘inclusive’ is including everything expected. After brainstorming and conducting research I realized that there are many interpretation’s of inclusive:

Inclusive Education: All students attend and are welcome to learn and participate in all aspects of the school curriculum together.

Inclusive of Tax: All prices are inclusive of VAT.

Inclusive Business: Sustainable business that benefits low income community.

Inclusive Date: Including the first and last date stated. 

Inclusive Numbers: Include the first and last numbers and all numbers in between.

Inclusive Society: All adolescence can become all that they can be. Inclusive society is against child poverty, inequality, racism, etc.

Social Inclusion: Making all groups of people within a society feel valued and important.

Inclusive Language: A language that does not reflect prejudice, stereotype or discrimination and does not exclude anyone being seen as part of the group.

Synonyms: All around, all together, full, global, without exception, overall, all the options, all embracing, comprehensive, etc.

Although, ‘inclusive’ can be interpreted in many different ways, It’s generic meaning is the same but it’s specific meaning entirely depends on the context. The generic meaning of ‘inclusive’ is ‘all-in’.


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