ShEqualities was formed due to the common concern of gender inequalities in the male dominated workplace. According to the Smashing Magazine’s article (Mindiola, 2010), 82% of Web Designers are Male and 18 % are female, however, 66% of the employees stated that there is no gender bias in the industry. Similarly, Swah blog (2011) argues that female graphic designers in college are 50% of the class, whereas in the industry the numbers drop significantly. Only 3% of females reach a position of influence (Swah, 2011).

Digging deeper into gender issues in the creative industries, we came across shocking statistics and facts that started to scare us. One example we came across was ‘Witchsey’ a company co founded by two women, Kate and Penelope. After a few months of starting the company they realised that they were not taken seriously. They were called unprofessional and overly emotional. Most email responses they received were rude and condescending. Kate and Penelope had to think of a quick solution, so they hired Keith who was more assertive and professional. Suddenly, the company kicked off and started to become successful. The truth is, Keith was a fake male partner created to represent the company so that Kate and Penelope could start off their business without the condescending and sexist emails (Psaltis, 2017). Another example of sexism is of the British novelist Joanne Kathleen Rowling. When publishing her first book ‘Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone’ in 1997, Rowling was advised by her publisher to use her Initials instead of her full name so that the book would attract a larger male audience (Lewis, 2016).

Discovering that women have to disguise their gender in order to be successful shocked us. Will this happen to us ? Will our work be valued less because of our gender? Will we ever reach a higher position? We started to brainstorm on how we could address these issues. Firstly, we decided to gather statistics on gender inequality in Ireland. Once we came to the conclusion that it is an issue in Ireland we started to think of what exactly we want to find out. We decided that we want to discover all the factors that contribute to gender inequalities in the work place and how that impacts women. We are hoping that we can raise awareness of these issues to both male and female students that are entering the industry.


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Pecha Kucha

I had to prepare my Pecha Kucha presentation (15 slides x 20 seconds) on my interpretation of inclusive, my key skills and some examples of my past work.

Inclusive is an adjective with several meanings. It can be interpreted in many different ways depending on the context, such as an inclusive group of people, inclusive date, inclusive society and so on.

Inclusive can also mean that specified services or offers are all inclusive, for example, all inclusive holiday package deals that include accommodation, drinks, meals, hotel transfers, etc. It can also refer to all inclusive breakfast, lunch or dinner, meaning you will have a set menu with a drink.

My Interpretation of Inclusive is ”all together”. An inclusive group of people or inclusive society where everyone is treated fairly and equally. After conducting research, this still seems to be an issue nowadays, such as racism, inequality, gender issues, etc.

My main skills are:

  • Project Management – I was a project manager for my group project last year and I really enjoyed it. I learned a lot from it which helped me further develop my managerial skills.
  • Cinematography – I am very confident with cameras and I enjoy filming and being creative.
  • Photography – Over the summer I developed a passion for photography. I have been taking photos for 5 months now and I am learning more about photography as I go along.
  • Graphic Design – I enjoy being creative and I am very confident in using the Adobe Suite.
  • Video Editing – I have a good command of Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe After Effects.


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