Case Study – Esther

Esther was just starting her degree in Game Arts but she was hearing a lot of negative things about working in the industry as a women. For example, her work will be valued less than equivalent to a male. Esther decided to write an email to a Game Developing company to ask about gender equality in the workplace. Her email was forwarded to two female awards winning game developers, Kim McAuliffe & My N. Tran.

There were a lot of interesting points covered in the Q&A’s, however to summarize, I have picked the two questions that I found very interesting: How does gender inequality impact women in the game studios?

  • Financially there is a pay gap. Men earn more that women. Women feel that they can’t negotiate when it comes to salary or promotion.
  • There can be a feeling of isolation if you end up being the only woman at a meeting.
  • If you’re not load or aggressive you get talked over in meetings.

Is the Industry aware of gender inequality issue?

  • It all comes down to what percentage of the employees both male and female actually care about the gender equality issue. Some men and women are aware, some don’t care and only a small percentage are trying to make a difference by inviting more women into meetings, speeches, etc.

It is clear that many students have encountered these issues and are worried about their future. Learning more about other people’s experiences I realised that there are many people that have similar stories. It would be interesting to interview men and women who are working in the creative industry in Ireland to discover their experiences in relation to gender inequality. For me, the most significant issue is that women are talked over and their work and ideas are not valued equally to men. Previously, I did not realise the impact of these issues. Having read this interview, I feel that this is very discouraging for students entering the industry.


Bay, J. (2016). Gender Equality in the Video Game Industry [online]. Available from (Accessed 28/10/2017).

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