Project Timeline & Communication

I have been working on the project timeline. It has been difficult as I am not sure what the exact deadlines will be for Semester 2. I have set approximate dates and left some extra time for contingencies and emergencies. As a project manager it is my job to make sure that all group members are happy with the project timeline and that all deadlines will be met in time.  We are currently working on the research proposal. The next step is to start working on the Script. Once the script will be completed, we will distribute our surveys and conduct the interviews. It is important to do this as soon as possible, as our story is based on our research findings.

Communication between group members has become a little bit messy. Up to date we have communicated through Facebook messenger, student email and text messaging. We have stored our files on OneDrive and Google Drive. However, one of our group members are not on Facebook and other groups members prefer google drive over OneDrive. From this point onward, we will be using Meister Task as our main platform for communication, project management and file storage. Meister Task will allow us to stay in control of our project and view each other’s progress.

Internal Communications

We have an agenda for each group meeting. Group meetings are conducted twice a week were each group member shares their research and ideas. We present the work that has been completed and discuss what needs to be done for the next group meeting. Assigned tasks and meeting notes are recorded after each group meeting and then uploaded to OneDrive.

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