WIP #1


Our questionnaire was distributed 4 days ago and it is still live. So far we have received 54 responses but wee are hoping to reach at least 100.


In the pie chart, it can be seen that 37% of the participants think that stereotypes affect ones confidence moderately, 22.2% stated extremely, 20.4% stated very and only 14.8% don’t think that stereotypes can affect ones confidence. It is clear that majority of participants feel that stereotypes can impact an individual.


In this pie chart, approximately half of the participants have experiences a gender bias situation. Further, participants were asked if the think it was conscious or unconscious gender bias. 24.1% of participants thought it was conscious and 22.2% thought it was unconscious. This shocked me because I was expecting for the majority to respond that it was unconscious bias.

Social Media

I have set up 3 social media accounts: Facebook, Twitter & Instagram. Social media content will be based on our questionnaire results. The campaign will roll out for 5 weeks and consist of posting content on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Week 5 will be dedicated for advertising our Nexus Project and inviting the audience to attend the end of year FIS 2018 at DKIT.  The aim of the social media campaign is to engage the audience before the launch of our project.

On Mondays we will post a Poll.


On Wednesdays we will invite the audience to share their views, thoughts and experiences.


On Fridays we will post a definition of that weeks topic or our findings of audiences views/opinions.


I am still waiting for the audio scripts and graphics to be developed so that I can start developing the appropriate sound elements. At the moment, I have been playing around with Adobe Audition and Audacity.


Our questionnaire has been distributed and will be closed on Monday. The next stage is the questionnaire’s data analysis. This part is running as scheduled. However, our interviews will be running slightly behind due to the Easter break because our participants are DKIT students.

The audio is a working progress but I am hoping to complete it by the end of April. I would like to do user testing with students and lecturers in the first week of May.

Social media will be completed before schedule as the content and social media plan is 80% complete. The campaign will start running in the last week of April.

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