Gender Bias Test

After we received our feedback from our WIP presentation, we took into consideration that our Virtual Reality room does not really suite our research question. Initially, we aimed to create a blank room where the user can hear subconscious thoughts of an individual who has been impacted by unconscious gender bias in that moment. We hoped to create two realities that the user can enter. An experience through the eyes of a male and an experience through the eyes of a female.

Even though, we were keen on developing this idea further, we realized that what we really want to do is to raise awareness of unconscious gender bias. Coming across an implicit gender bias test designed by Harvard a few month ago, we thought that maybe we could re-create the test. We want to design the test specifically for the creative industry. One of our group members Kevin, started to research and design the content for the test while our programmer Aoife, started to research how to develop the test.

Aoife and I spoke to a few of our lecturers to seek advice on the best way that we can re-create this test. After a few meetings with different lecturers and several attempts to develop the test, Aoife understood how to code it using HTML. In the mean time, I am focusing on our primary research and our social media campaign.

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