Collecting Data


I re-sent our questionnaire via college email 2 times and once on our Creative Media Facebook page to reach the desired amount of respondents. Our questionnaire was closed when we reached 103 participants which is exactly what we had hoped for so that we would have confidence in our results. The questionnaire has equal amount of male and female respondents which I feel is very important because there is no gender bias in our results.  I selected all the participants who wished to participate further with this research by leaving their email address at the bottom of the questionnaire. I contacted all participants who I felt could elaborate on their questionnaire responses and that could provide deeper insights into the topic.


Unfortunately not all people responded to my email. I received 6 responses of participants who were willing to come in for an interview. I booked two study rooms and interviewed 5 participants. Unfortunately participant 6 was a no show. I emailed participant 6, who apologies and asked to email the interview questions. Unfortunately, i did not receive a response afterwards. The interview was semi structured. All participants were asked to elaborate on some of the answers they provided on their questionnaire as well as 3 new questions.

  1. In your opinion, what is unconscious gender bias?
  2. In your opinion, does unconscious gender bias affect males and females differently?
  3. Could you please tell me about your experience of an unconscious gender bias situation?

It was interesting to hear what each participant had to say about the topic. Opinions as expected were different and I realized that some participants perception of unconscious gender bias was not correct. Many people refer to unconscious gender bias as sexism or conscious bias, without acknowledging or understanding the word ‘unconscious’. I feel that our project will inform people of what unconscious gender bias is.

Interview Transcripts

Initially, I tried to find a program  that would transcribe the interview for me however, I couldn’t find anything that worked for me. The Voice-To-Text feature in google docs also didn’t work for me. It didn’t understand me and therefore wrote some words that it thought I said which were incorrect. I gave up on searching for a program and started to transcribe the recordings manually. I found this part very time consuming and tiring. The transcripts were very long as I transcribed every word that the participant said. One interview was very hard to hear as the participant kept moving away from the phone which was recording the interview. This interview took longer than it should have.  I transcribed 2 interviews a day for 2 days and the last interview on day 3.



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