The project is heavily based on graphics and programming, therefore audio is a small aspect of the project.  Audio has been designed for the social media ads that will be used to draw and attract the target audience to the website and to the end of year exhibition. Audio has been designed for short trailer ads and inforgraphic video ads. 

Trailer Video

The audio design consists of glitching, distortion and blurs. Several sounds have been created using audacity by generating white, pink and brown noise with audacity. Sounds have been edited and layered together creating several different short snappy compositions. Pro tools has been used to generate the eerie background track by using the MIDI controller to create an instrument track. Two keys were created and layered to create the erie uncomfortable sound. Infographic Ad

The design for this was different. The inforgraph videos use a voice over which was recorded using a zoom recorder in a sound booth. These sounds were then edited in Audacity to reduce the noise and to cut out unnecessary sounds. The same process was used as stated previously to record the subtle backing track.

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