Project Management

Reflecting back to my role as a project manager, I am happy to say that I am very pleased with each group member. Everyone has worked consistently throughout the year and put a lot of time and effort into each task.


One of the biggest challenges that I encountered was taking on Audio as we lost one of our group members. I didn’t feel confident because creating audio is not one of my strongest skills. However, now I can admit that I really enjoyed it. I learned a lot and I now I can add audio as one of my skills in my portfolio.

The project timeline/Gantt Chart was another challenge for me. I had never created a Gantt chart before and I found it challenging to find the appropriate program and template. I came across ‘Tom’s Planner’, which i was the best platform that I had come across. However, it turned out that in order to export the Gantt Chart, I had to subscribe for a minimum of 3 months. I took screenshots of the Chart and put them together in Adobe Photoshop. This was a quick and simple solution.

Group Meetings

Each week we booked a study room. We discussed the tasks completed and created a to do list on the whiteboard. We then assigned the tasks to each group member. Coming closer to the end of the project, we would spend up to 8 hours in a study  room working as a group on the project. I can honestly say, that i have never worked with such a productive and ambitious group.

Project Manager Tasks

As a project manager, it is my job to organise meetings, make appointment and recruit professionals if needed as well as make sure that all deadlines are met in time.


  • Design and distribute online questionnaire
  • Contact participants for interviews
  • Schedule and conduct interviews
  • Recruit a professional photographer for studio quality photographs
  • Design project timeline
  • Monitor questionnaire
  • Conduct Data Analysis and summarize research findings
  • Create, Schedule and Manage Social Media Campaign
  • Assist all group members with individual tasks if needed

Throughout the project, my main focus was our primary research.  This was a lot of work but I learned a lot from it and I feel that it has prepared me for my Masters Research which I will be doing next summer.

Website Hosting

We had problem with the free hosting ‘neocities’ because it would not allow us to upload videos. Luckily, I have a personal hosting platform which I host my portfolio website called ‘Hostagtor’. This was the perfect solution for us. We did however, need to purchase a domain. I viewed several domain options on ‘’. The standard domains such as .com, .ie, etc., were expensive so we decided to go with the cheapest option ‘’, which cost only 0.75 cent a year. This is the best option that I could find and now we know that our website will always be live.


After the photographs were captured, I edited them in Adobe light-room. These images are used throughout our project and can be seen on our website, social media posts and videos.

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