Technical Document

I found the technical document easier to do than the Design/Script document. I think It’s because I had already worked on a report that volume so it was easier to organise who is going to do each section and how to structure it.

I was assigned the following sections:

  • Research Question
  • Research Methodology
  • Findings
  • Audio
  • Social Media
  • PR Plan

Research Question

‘An investigation into unconscious gender bias among students in third level education’. The answers we seek to find out from our questionnaire and interviews are as follows:

  • Do students categorize males and females into traditional stereotypical gender roles?
  • How many students know what unconscious gender bias is?
  • Are students aware that implicit bias affects males and females differently?
  • Does unconscious gender bias exist within third level education?

Research Methodology 

The research has been carried out through an online questionnaire and interviews. The reason for choosing this approach is to cross reference both sets of data through the method of triangulation. The questionnaire data has been collected by random sampling and has received 103 responses, which is exactly what we had hoped for in order to have confidence in our results. From the questionnaire, I contacted volunteers who wished to participate further with this research. I interviewed 5 participants. 


This was the most difficult part of the research. It took a full week for me to complete this section. I was thoroughly analyzing each question.  I summarized our findings and highlighted what stood out the most, which are the following points:

  • Majority of participants perception of unconscious gender bias is not correct
  • Some perceive gender bias as sexism
  • Women are more reluctant to apply for a job due to a lack of confidence
  • More women are gender biased towards marriage than men
  • Construction is perceived as a male dominated industry


I had recently produced short glitch sounds, recorded voice-overs and created a background ambiance. As audio is a small aspect of our project, this was one of the shortest sections of our technical document.

Social Media

Social Media Campaign content is completed and ready to be published. We are publishing content each day. This is a very exciting part because I like watching the user engagement. I feel that by tagging famous companies and organisations, we have reached more people.

PR Plan

I put together a PR plan, and added some photos of our project as well as our group photo. I sent an email to the local newspapers such as: Dundalk Democrat, The Argus, Dundalk Leader, Drogheda Leader and The Northern Standard.  Unfortunately, I have not received any responses as of yet.



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